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Mamavation Monday

I did it. I've officially lost 20 lbs!

So why is it that I don't FEEL like I've lost 20 lbs? I mean, that's as much as a bag of charcoal!


1.dejected; dispirited; discouraged.

With all of the good news flooding my life at the moment, I should be walking in the clouds.... However, on the weightless home front, I am extremely perplexed!

We're eating healthy, we're trying to stay active and workout, we're slowly losing weight.. How in the world have I lost almost 20 lbs and not feel any change - physically?

Other than the fact that I can't seem to teeter over to the 20 lb mark (just hit 20, and it's my fault that it's not more), I really should FEEL better about what's going on.

On April 5, Andy and I embarked on a new, healthy living adventure with our family, and since then, we've done REALLY well. Friday marked exactly 2 months of our new lifestyle, and outwardly, we've kicked some bootay! I've lost 20 lbs, and Andy's lost about 15 lbs.

We have an EA Sports Active "More Workouts" for the Wii, and it is AWESOME! We love it. (By the way, someone who blogs about it and gets on camera tonight at Mamavation TV will win one tonight at 9 central!!!!)

So why is it that yesterday, when I ask Andy if he can FEEL the difference he's made, he can say yes..... and I totally can't?

I mean, really? I've lost the amount of weight that is the equivilant to 80 sticks of butter (4 sticks = 1 lb)... and I can't tell. One. Single. Bit. HE has only lost the equivalent of 60 sticks.

I'm still wearing the exact same clothes that I was wearing before Easter. I can't fit into the exact same clothes that I couldn't fit into before Easter, and when I purchased a few more Summer clothes the other day, they were the exact same size with the exact same awkward pudges and bulges that were present before we started the day after Easter.

I feel like my scale is lying and conspiring to bring me down - and not weight wise.

Picture this:

You run to the grocery store to grab some eggs. Next to the eggs, you see boxes containing sticks of butter. Perhaps, you might see blocks of butter wrapped up in wax paper in the shape of a cube instead. Either way, that block equals 1 lb. Now, imagine yourself taking 20 of those blocks of butter from the shelf and placing it in your hand held shopping basket (not cart). Carry that around the store while you run and grab a new toothbrush, then over to the bread section to get a loaf of bread. Now, walk back to the butter shelf, and take out all 20 blocks of butter and put it back on the shelf.

HUGE difference in your load right? Feels like a ton, right? So why can't I tell?

I know that there is a difference between losing 20 lbs in a matter of 10 seconds and losing it in a matter of 2 months. I also know that for an overweight person, 20 lbs really isn't that much. I also know that this is the weight I was before I was pregnant with Hawk, and I didn't feel like this!

This week, I am going to work on that teeter to get over 20lbs. I also want to see if the reason I haven't been able to tell a difference might be because I have been under an awful lot of stress, anxiety, and pressure. Therefore, over the next month, I'm going to ask around for and seek some suggestions to help relieve high stress and anxiety. I've had a problem with anxiety for as long as I can remember, and although I try to suppress it, it often gets the best of me. I have an extremely stressful month ahead of me, and I've been really uncomfortably anxious about it for some time now.

I am so thankful for my friends, family, Mamavation, and the Sistas who are so supportive and patient with me. I am trying to keep upbeat, and I appreciate everyone's help to get through this month with as little anxiety as possible!

Please forgive me if I am unable to comment on all of the Mamavation Monday posts today. I have a busy day ahead.

Have a fabulous week!

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bookieboo said:

I think you should tweet at @traceymallett and ask her what she thinks is going on. She's on twitter almost every night and would have a good idea why your clothes aren't loser. Cause you are right, you should notice a big difference. For me, every 10 lbs. equals a dress size. But don't worry, healthy living means you will lose all that weight eventually. IT's the lifestyle that is important...the weight will come.

Rachel said:

I don't have any wise words of wisdom to share with you... but I just wanted to let you know that I am PROUD of you for losing 20 lbs. That is a huge accomplishment... and to be praised! Way to go! :)

Julie said:

You know this is a big fear of mine actually. I hope you figure out what is going on so you can feel as successful in your weight loss as you really are. HUGS!! and I am SUPER proud of you for what you have accomplished. Keep up the great work, the results are sure to come.

Rachel said:

I'm right there with ya. I've lost about 15 but the difference, physically, just isn't that visible!

I've gone down a blouse size and maybe 1/2 a pant size. That's it. WHAT THE HECK? My husband lost 5 pounds and everyone was jumping all up and down telling how great he looked. (grrrrr)

If you find the secret, let me know -- I want to start seeing the physical changes too!

~Lori~ said:

You rocked those 20lbs girls!! I like Leahs idea of contacting Tracey! Let us know what she says!


CJ @CJinKY said:

I've lost about 15 lbs and can't feel a difference either. It's a little disheartening.

JustTracyB said:

I know how you feel! I think sometimes when I look in the mirror, I don't see a difference and I've lost 45 so far. I don't think my clothes started to feel different until about 30+ pounds. how tall are you?

Regardless...Keep up the great work. It will come and you will get there! We're all here for you to lean on!

lovelyritaann said:

I'm curious to what Tracey Mallett has to say about this. Unlike you, I haven't lost the weight yet. But I know if I did, I'd want to tell a difference. I feel for ya girl! Keep your head up! Don't lose sight of the goal!

kia said:

Stress can tear you down no matter what your weight/body is doing. Can you do any gentle yoga? Look for a restorative practice or just some pranayama (breathing) to help regulate your body/balance. These practices are not as physically taxing as a Vinyasa (flow) program but really make you relax and turn inward. Good luck Lisa, hit me up if you want any pranayama exercises (I have a number of high-stress clients).

Not So Average Mama said:

You know Lisa, the biggest thing you can do to make yourself feel better (stress anviety wise) is get rid of ALL the negative in your life! Anyone or thing that makes you feel like crap....kick it to the curb. It may sound hard, but once you do this, you will feel this HUGE weight lifted off of you! How do you think I am getting through all this crap from the last year? I still have no answers for why I am falling apart, but not having those negative people in my life has made me such a better person! IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER! Take the negative and kick it to the curb! Surround yourself with POSITIVE GOOD PEOPLE!!! Congrats on 20 lbs! That is AWESOME!

Roxy said:

Don't beat yourself up! You're doing great! I think it's true when they say that we are our own worst critic. Maybe your body is just shifting the weight around and with more time, you'll see the results you want to see. Just hang in there. :)

Alyssa said:

This may sound completely insane - but I swear I am not lying. And, I don't know how to interpret what I am about to say - but, I did not change clothing sizes for about 40-45 pounds in my weight loss. Then, BAM, I started dropping sizes like it was my job. So, don't get discouraged about the clothing just yet. Hang in there - keep focused and all of a sudden, it will just be there. Promise.

AprilC - GaFlyGirl said:

202 lb loss in 2 months is amazing!! in 3 months I have only lost 10.. I hit a plateau that I am just getting over when I lost 9 lbs. first 5 I lost the first week so yeah, I haven't done good, but then again.. I haven't given up the bad eating habits either. Sure I count calories but many of the foods I still eat. So giving up greasy fast food for 6 weeks I think will be a turning point for me :-) Cheer up you are doing awesome! I bet the stress has alot to do with it, and although I have lost a dress size I have only lost 2- maybe 3 inches in the waist since starting the journey. most my inches lost i think is in my back so far.. hope u find our the source of the non inch loss and kick it in the butt soon! :-) let me know what u find out!