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Another one bites the dust!

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I've now lost 11 lbs! I have no lost that much weight on purpose) since I had Kylie! (That's 11 years! I lose weight when I am pregnant - that's not happening again! - and I lost a BUNCH of weight right before I had the emergency gall bladder surgery.

But this time... My body isn't doing this for me. Guess what folks!?! I AM DOING THIS!

Super-dee-duper STOKED!

Soon, I'll be singing... "and another does, and another one does... another one bites the dust!... dun dun dun.... doot doo doo doot doot doot!"

You know, I'm all about the visuals:

11 lbs of petrified wood
from Salmon Creek (wherever that is!)

Don't forget to check out the Green Mama Benefit Auction Items! It ends on the 30th at 8pm Central.

Have a SPECTACULAR day! (I know I will! I'll be cuddling with my fave 3 month old again!! Yay for baby Ben!)

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Jessica said:

You are too funny! Love the petrified wood, but I love your additional pound gone even more! :) Good job and keep it up! ~@fringies