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Mamavation Monday


I'm excited to say that Chiquita has decided that they would like to be a part of Mamavation! We've all loved their bananas for years, but did you know that they offer more than just bananas?

Visit their products page on their website, and you'll be surprised to find that they offer a boatload of other fruits and veggies as WELL as smoothies, juices, healthy snack bites, and... get this... they're the makers of Fresh Express Fresh Salads!

Maybe later, I'll record myself singing the Chiquita Jingle! Maybe! :)

Edited to Add: Hahaha!

Thank you, Chiquita, for supporting women, like me, on my journey to a healthier lifestyle!

Weight Loss Success!
This week, I've lost 2 lbs! That is a TOTAL of 10lbs which is the equivalent to 40 sticks of butter! It's amazing, and I feel great! I have a long way to go, even after my 50 lb goal, but it starts with changing your life, and that's definitely something we've done around here! (Andy's even lost 8 lbs!!!!!)

Eating Healthier
After Easter, my family and I made the decision to start eating and living healthier. A month ago, our idea of "grabbing dinner" was Super Sized Value Meals or greasy buffets. Now, we cook a LOT around here, and if we don't cook, "grabbing dinner" has turned to healthy, fully loaded sammies from Subway as well as veggie/chicken/shrimp Chinese dishes! Its' so great not to feel weighed down after a meal. It's awesome to know that the more we stick to this, the easier it gets!

Suckin' it Down
Drink your water! Drink your water! Drink your water! Drink your water! I have great intentions of drinking water. This weekend, I slacked! SLACK NO MORE, LISA! This week, I plan to be in the bathroom twice an hour! You can NEVER drink too much water, and today, I'm going to kick that water's patooty! I plan to drink 7 of my 24 ounce canteens full of water today. Yes, 7. Why 7? I'm not sure, I just think that's a great number to start the day!

Workin' It!
I'm not sure if I mentioned this last Monday, or not, but I haven't wanted to seem like a whiney baby and everyone think that I was using this as an excuse, however, I really injured my knee. I was terrified, as I've just had a friend who had to have knee surgery, and I do not want to go through that. This week, I slacked. Big time. Like REALLY big time. I worked out, a little, but nothing like I should have been. Now, I firmly believe that working out REALLY helps take the weight off. I feel like I'd be another 2 lbs down if I had worked out just a little more last week, so this week, I'm definitely going to step it up a notch, figure out just what it is that's making my knee hurt, and tweaking my workout from there!

My Book is HERE!
I have been waiting on my newest Laurell K Hamilton book to come in! Media Mail takes FOREVER! I'd rather pay an additional $2 to have it to me in 2 days, rather than waiting 2 weeks to save a buck or two! The first book in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series was REALLY good. Packed full of nothing but vampires! This book has barely even mentioned vampires over a quarter of the way through it. I think I'm on Chapter 10, and it's been a little off from what I was hoping, but it will get there - I'm sure of it. That, my friends, is my ME time!! This is a VERY important part of healthy living with three, very active, kiddos!

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
If you haven't checked it out... DO IT! We had a Food Revolution Marathon yesterday, and it. is. absolutely. amazing. to watch his PASSION about the future of our children! Basically, he started in one town in West Virginia (I do believe), and changed the way the school lunch program serves food! He's set it up (with a lot of sweat and tears) to where they have completely knocked out all of the processed foods in two schools, and they are on track for the entire district to follow suit! COME TO KATY TEXAS JAMIE! Check out his website, and please, sign his petition to change the way our children eat in public schools forever! He's so passionate about this!

Join us at Mamavation
I think Leah (@bookieboo) said that she approved 78 more members for Mamavation this weekend. If you're looking for a wonderful support system of moms just like you, great tips and information for losing weight and living healthy, as well as support from SEVERAL wonderful sponsors and supporters including Earth Footwear, Smooth Fitness, EA Sports Active, Gaiam, Tracey Mallett, Chiquita, Dr. Bob Greene (Oprah's Personal Trainer) All Whites Eggs and TONS more... JOIN US! We will have Mamavation TV tonight, and you can sit in and see what's been going on in the land of Mamavation this past week! Anytime you feel like you want to take a peek, or join in, just search and tweet (On Twitter) with the hashtag #mamavation That's where you'll find us!

Have a FANTABULOUS day! I plan to!

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KarlaBond said:

Excellent job on 2lbs. Keep going. I have all the Jamie Oliver shows taped that I need to watch. I watched part of the first one. Just shocking. I too am slackin on the Workin' it area. I do plan to dig out the EAS Active and get some boxing in. I love boxing moves. Have a great day!

The Maniacal Matron said:

Congrats!! My family too is bad about eating out. Thsts one of my future goals-to remove fast food forever!!

I can't wait to hear more from you!!!

Colleen said:

Congrats on all the great changes!!! It is great that it is a family thing!

TLEstrogen said:

Enjoy your 2 lb loss girl. I agree about Jamie--he has a great thing going and I would LOVE him to visit my area too!

Goo Goo Buy Buy... said:

Way to go, Sista.

And thanks for the visual. I never realized 2 lbs = 40 sticks of butter. That is really impressive.

Paige said:

LOVED your chiquita song! great job on the 2 lbs. awesome! And YES!! I love Jamie Olvier's Food Revolution!! I've signed the pledge as well! =)

Laurie said:

Way to go this week! We started around the same time. I just felt ill after Easter and all that candy, but now I am feeling so much better. I adore Jamie Oliver. We watched it every week. I hope that they bring him back for another season. I think what he is doing is wonderful. Have a great week!

~Lori~ said:

Doood..you crack me up!!!

Good job on your loss Lisa!!!

Lisa Johnston said:

Thanks ladies!

Just for clarification, 10lbs = 40 sticks of butter! :)

Daenel said:

Way to go on the weight loss and I'm happy that you're meeting your goals. Keep up the good work.

kia said:

Wow you are on FIRE in this post!!! Check you out being a great leader for your family. I love reading how in just ONE MONTH you have changed your last minute eating habits as a family. Congrats on the 10 pounds! Keep up the consistency.

bookieboo said:

Can I say that you are so freaking cool to do that video. I'm actually waiting for approval for me to do it myself. I can't wait to join you in that.

And the weight loss...woo hoo! You rock girl!! XXOO

Fitness Family said:

Omigosh, I had so much fun watching you sing the Chiquita jingle! You sing very well! Congratulations on the 2lbs lost also this week! Keep it up! --- @ImAHotMom