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Eating Fruits: Are you doing it wrong?

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  • Author: Lisa Johnston
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My mother received an email not too long ago about the correct way to eat fruits!

I never would have thought twice about it if she'd not have told me about the email, and although she deleted it before she could send it to me (good job ma!), I did a little looking online, and I've found several different sites that pull together the basic concept of what my mom was trying to tell me from the email.

I'm not all great with this whole blogging thing, so hang with me for a bit while I try to get the basic points across!


Fruits contain approximately 80% water, so if you do not consume the daily recommended water for your body type, eating fruits will increase your overall water intake. (I do not recommend that you stop drinking water and use fruits as a substitute, I am simply saying that on the days that you don't quite make your water goal for the day, the fruits you have eaten will help make up for it!)

Fruits have also been linked to lowering cholesterol, therefore they can help prevent strokes and heart disease! They have natural fiber which can help regulate your digestive track and keep away such things as constipation, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, etc. Did you know that your brain is fueled from glucose, which is blood sugar? Eating fruits is the most efficient source of glucose which leads to better brain function, including memory!

1. Eat Fruits on an Empty Stomach
The best time to start eating your fruit portions is in the morning BEFORE you eat any of your other breakfast. After that, eat your servings throughout the day, about an hour before you eat your meals.

2. Wait Before Eating Other Foods (at least an hour)
The main reason for this is that most (with an exception of bananas, dates, and dried fruits) fruits are predigested, and they pass through your stomach quickly. Most foods take 1-4 hours to digest, while fruits exit an empty stomach in 20-30 minutes.

3. Do Not Eat Fruits After Meals
If you eat fruits during or after your meal (as a dessert), the fructose will mix with carbohydrates and other foods which are blocking the fruits from passing through to the intestines quickly, causing gas, bloating, and indigestion. Also, once the fruit hits your stomach with the remainder of the meal, it will cause the meal to ferment and rot, which can lead to upset stomach issues.

4. Only Drink Fresh Fruit Juices
For optimal benefits from fruit juices, avoid drinking juice from a can or juices that have been heated. Canned juices contain many other sugars and additives, and cooked fruits lose the beneficial nutrients. Eating fresh, whole fruits is always the best way to go, however, if you must drink juice, drink it slowly, so that it can mix with your saliva to start the pre-digestion process.

5. Avoid Bananas in the Morning
Fruits like bananas and avocados are heavy fruits and should not be eaten until the afternoon. They they their toll on the digestive system early in the mornings after fasting all night. In the afternoon, your digestive system has been working and is at the appropriate digestive cycle to allow for such fruits to be eaten with ease.

Not only does eating fruits correctly cause stabilized blood sugar which curbs hunger and helps ward off overeating and obesity, but it also requires less energy to be digested, so it's a great food to eat before a workout! Along with eating other healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, and exercising regularly, eating fruits can help you with your weightless goals as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I'm glad my mom let me know that there is a correct way to eat fruits, because I never thought about it before this! I've learned so much researching the benefits of eating fruits the correct way, and I hope I've been able to help shed some light on the great health benefits of those 2-4 servings per day (depending on your caloric intake!).

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Kim said:

well crap! i've been eating them wrong! I've been eating nanners in the morning cuz they're quick & easy!!

Lisa J said:

It totally makes sense, though, doesn't it?! :) I guess eating them wrong, though, is better than not eating them at all!

I'm going to try this to see just how much better I feel!

shawn said:

Well...I guess I've been eating fruit wrong!!! I eat bananas in the morning too-but usually about two hours after eating a bagel or eggs.
I was told to speed up your metabolism you should eat a piece of fruit two hours after breakfast & lunch.
Thanks for stopping by and for the tips :)