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First game, first goal, first injury, and first... injury!

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I may have found my solution to drinking water! I forgot that I ordered myself some liiv botanicals aluminum water bottles with my last Avon order. I was super happy when it came in today, and they were there! They hold 24 oz of water, and I ordered 4. I think I might do a give-away with one of the extras! It may help someone else along on their water drinking journey! (Love the clip!)

I always find the coolest stuff when I'm ready to place my Avon orders!

I received my new scale as well! Now, I know that no two scales are the same in accuracy, however my mother's scale and my mother-in-law's scale both had me around the same weight (two different scales) two weeks ago, and since then, I've been really busting it trying to lose. This scale has me losing approximately (I know it's not exact) 6 lbs in about 2 weeks. Whether that's accurate or not, I don't care. It does my mind a WORLD of wonder to believe that it's so - I am doing this!

In other news, there were lots of firsts last night for this season of Soccer. Kylie had her first makeup game of the first game of the season (first game was rained out on Saturday, so they made it up last night)! At said game, she scored her first goal, injured her teammate for the first time, and also received her first injury of the season. In the first video, you'll see where she pegged her friend (and only other girl on the team) Sarah right in the forehead. Sarah sat out for the rest of the rotation, and Kylie felt HORRIBLE!

Kylie pegging Sarah

Kylie's First Goal

Sometime after that, she quite possibly sprained her ankle while someone on the other team slide kicked right into her ankle. She's been hobblin'. We didn't really want to take her in, if it was nothing, so we had the nurse from school assess the damage to see if she thought we might want to get an opinion from the doctor. She said that nothing appeared to be broken or seriously injured. She just thinks Kylie should sit out for a few days. Try telling Kylie that! Psht. She's got practice tonight, and I don't see her sidelining herself - I won't fight it!

My Tasks

As I've noted, I've quite possibly found a solution to drinking water. I think between that, and the measured hospital cup, I will not having a problem keeping up with how much water I've been drinking. Like my mom said, I just need to drink water - and water only - so that my body starts to crave it. Maybe that's why Hawk drinks so much water.

I ordered myself the second book of the Laurell K. Hamilton - Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. That, will go toward my "ME" time! I'm really looking forward to that book, I'll just know, in the future to have the next book in the series on hand before I completely finish the current one!

I tried out a couple of different exercise vids on Netflix. I've come to the conclusion that I've really got to start at B.E.G.I.N.N.E.R. anything, in order to not kill myself. I have about zippo for coordination, so doing the belly dancing was pitiful for my poor cat. I swear she was laughing at me. I don't have strong enough knees, YET, to do the yoga and pilates stuff that I found. I'll keep looking though. I may have to do more research and see what my options are, outside of Netflix.

I have found that anytime I start to work out, I get a severe headache. Almost migraine magnitude. My mom said that in her experience, she's learned that eating a carb and a fruit before working out helps with that. We'll see. She's my 'go-to' person, because she's led weight loss programs for as long as I can remember, and she's a former Curves manager. She's WONDERFUL with the support. She's never negative. She just wants me to succeed!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and don't forget to drink your water!

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Julie said:

Great job on the water, I am terrible with drinking enough. If you are looking for some workout ideas or just something to do to get started try www.walkathome.com she has a 1 mile (about 15 min) video right on the website free and if you become a fan on fb she has a couple more on her fb page. ;)

Lisa Johnston said:

Awesome, thanks Julie!

Yeah, water's not the easiest thing to drink a lot of! I think it starts in the mind! :)