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Mamavation Monday

Last week, I found this great website Mamavation.com, thanks to my friend Lori of My Kinda Rain.

Talk about motivation to stay on task to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle! These mamas are great! I'm excited to join their Twitter party tonight! I will be a little late, but you really should join us, too!

I'm a Mamavation noob, and this is my first OFFICIAL week, but I was able to mingle a bit last week, see how things went for other mom, and really start this week off right! My scale doesn't come in until tomorrow! I'm super excited about it! I ordered it from Avon. It's a Curves 4 in 1 body analysis scale:

Measures: Body Mass, Hydration, Body Fat, Weight

First things first... Today, I am going to be setting goals for the week. I'm going to start small, because I'm extremely "stretched thin" as it is, however, I really need to take a little time for myself here and there. So we'll make that one of my top priorities this week. It's really important to have me-time when you're a WAHM of three kiddos as well as a professional volunteers (hehe)!

Make time for ME.

Another thing I'm not really good at is drinking water! I'm going to experiment with different ways, this week, to make drinking water enjoyable for myself - and my family. (Hawk craves water, so this is no biggie for him!)

Figure out the WATER situation!

TASK #2.5
Don't burn the granola.

Working out has never come easy for me. Mainly because of the boobage I have going on - that and my mom says I'm lazy! I ordered a new Curves sports bra (yep, from Avon!), and I cant' wait to see if it helps. I may end up just having to double bra, because, to date, I've not ever found anything that helps! Anyway, back on track - workout. A lot of my non-workout habits come from fear and flat out excuses (like the one above). "That's going to hurt my knees." "That triggers my headaches." "That hurts my hips." SUCK IT UP WUSS!! Just find something that you're good with, and do it! Going to the gym is just financially out of the question, so I'm going to have to start out with something at home, and the BIGGEST problem with that is accountability. That's why I'm here! (Hmm.. wonder if Netflix online has anything? - I shall look!)

Don't be skeered - find a WORKOUT for me!

I think I'm going to leave it at that, this week, because I don't want to do as I've done before and throw out such high expectations for myself that I just eventually ask myself - "Who are you kidding?"

As far as today goes.. I haven't even thought about dinner! I have such a JAMMED PACK DAY! Kylie's make up soccer game is at 6. Braxton's soccer practice is at the same time. I can almost mark the Mamavation Monday post off of my list (yay!), and I have the Twitter Party to attend tonight! I can't wait to see who the new Mamavation Mom is! I also need to package up some diapers, and get some stuff out the door! Wish me luck (and send me a few extra hours while you're at it!)


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Colleen said:

WElcome to mamavation! Looks like some great goals...lots of luck! See you tonight at the awesome twitter party! @colleen_mouse

bookieboo said:

Wow, I love your intro and tasks. I have a couple of comments about your tasks. Task #1 brilliant, yet you should quantify it more. Tell yourself what you want to do this week and keep it manageable. Task #2 very good...love it. Task #2.5 lol with the boobage. My boobs used to be DDD and I used to wear two sports bras together. And yes, I agree not to burn yourself out...especially so soon. Make it manageable in the beginning so you can keep it up. Task #3 ....I love that you have joined with us! XXOO

kia said:

Welcome to Mamavation Monday posting. Lori is awesome and I am glad she brought you in. I like how you are using this week for a lot of assessment. It is better than jumping into something you don't fully understand. Good luck. We'll see you at the party when you get there.

Jess said:

Welcome to Mamavation! I think you will love the support you find. I know I do!
Goodluck with your goals and if you want to ever talk tweet me all_about_savin


Lisa Johnston said:

Thank you so much for the comments! It really helps me a lot! :)