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I'm SWAMPED with The Green Mama Benefit!

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  • Author: Lisa Johnston

Yes, it's that time! Our annual fundraiser for The Cloth Diaper Foundation. We have so many great donations, and I hope it goes well. Our organization really deserves to catch a break. We've helped so many people, and every time we turn around, it's like we hit a speed bump - Hard. You know, the kind that makes you get out and look under your car to see if you did any permanent damage? Those kind of speed bumps! Anyway, back to the fun stuff! This year, we're doing an Earth Day/Mother's Day Theme. It's pretty neat, because this time, we have a VERY diverse group of items! Yes, we have cloth diapers, but a lot of the stuff we have are for moms as well!
Auctions Open: April 22-April 30

Today, I've been listing auctions like CRAZY! I took Hawk to Jenn's at about 10, and I've literally been doing this all day with the exception of the workout I did. I only did one mile today, because I just have no time. I may do the other mile this evening, if I am not pooped!

I'm amazed at how giving people can be! We have awesome items this go 'round, and we're super stoked to get started!

We still need bloggers, though! We never, in a million years, thought that we'd have more items donated than bloggers interested in helping us spread the word! With the humpteen billion blogs out there, we just thought there would be more interest! It will happen, though.

Here are just some of the great items available:
We're so thankful for all of these wonderful donations! We still have more to add to the list - so stay tuned!

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