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Mamavation Monday

13 lbs down!
That is equivalent to the weight of a gallon and a half of MILK or 52 sticks of butter (although the milk thing seems more visual!)

Rockin' the Food Habits
The week was fairly easy for me, food wise, because I was at a friend's house most of the time who doesn't keep junk in the house! Other than that, we had lots of fruits, veggies, and of course... water around the house, so we all did really well. We also did smoothies!

Workout Woes
Workout wise... this week was a bust. As I said, I was away from home helping a friend all week, and by the time I would get home, I was so tired, I just didn't do it. I know, though, that if I work out, I will shape up better, so this week - I'm not giving myself an option. 13 lbs is a lot of weight, and sadly, I have not yet noticed a size change! INSANE! It will come!

Coming to Grips
I'm going to do away with the "Me time" goal. I have so much to do, there's not really much time to do anything for myself. I'm kinda used to it now. It sucks, but it is what it is. I also can't lie to myself and say that reading for 20 minutes in bed is "me time" anymore. I'm usually having to read over Andy snoring or most of the time, Hawk waking up or getting in our bed and kicking me in the side. So... we're scratching that off the list.

New Tasks for the Week
I will be working five days out of the week, so I'm not even really sure what tasks will be feasible to set at this point! I find myself so gun ho to set goals, and then I never have enough time to actually DO them which is a great set up for disappointment. This weekend, was the culmination of one of those set ups. So this week... I'm going to wing it and see where that gets me.

Earth Footwear
I've been jonesin' to get my feet into a new pair of Earth Footwear! Partly because I need new shoes for working out and walking, but mainly because they are super awesome, and they are a Mamavation sponsor! Come check us out tonight on Mamavation TV!

The cool thing about Earth Footwear is that they have a negative incline feature to where the heel is set lower than the toe. By placing the foot at an incline, the body naturally stands up straighter, building core muscles in the abdomen, legs and gluts to improve overall muscle tone and help you burn calories (pulled from an Ezine article).

3.7° Incline

The most defining feature of Earth footwear is a 3.7° Incline – a unique inclined sole that positions the toes 3.7ยบ higher than the heels. The slight angle shifts weight subtly back over the heels, and can help strengthen and tone the body while also burning calories.

More Info...
I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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bookieboo said:

Woot woot! 13 lbs. down...you go girl! I'm so proud of you.

Yes, if being at a home where there wasn't any junk food in the house helped you, take note. That is exactly what you should do to your house. Get rid of the junk. XXOO

@Dana321 said:

CONGRATS on the 13 lbs. I didn't know a Gallon and half milk weighed that much. Thanks for that tidbit too!

Keep doing your thing!

YouthfulTips said:

Great job on the 13lbs! Awesome! Thanks for your comments on my hubby's deployment! I will remember you every time I get weak as I know I can lose 13 lbs too!

kia said:

Congratulations on the 13 lbs! Now good luck as you move forward and are developing better habits. I have to watch how zealous I get with goals too. It is always a balance between something small and realistic and then walking the walk. Give yourself at least one small fitness goal and force yourself to do it.

Thrifty Mama B said:

Woohoo 13 lbs gone. I didnt know that bit of information about the milk either. Learn something new everyday, thanks. If you are scratching the "me time" off your list what other goals do you have? Besides losing the 50 by Chirstmas that is. I hope you have a great week. ((hugs))

The Maniacal Matron said:

Congrats on the 13 pounds. Not being around junk food helps. When I try to replace junk snacks with other options hubby gets upset and misses his junk. So, he has to keep his perraonal stash now. If it's there I will eat it!

Andrea H said:

I have learned that not buying the junk food and not keeping it in the house at all really helps. Which reminds me, why did I buy Oreos this weekend?

Congrats on the 13 lbs.! WOOT!

Daenel said:

Woot for the 13 lbs down. I want you to still take some time for yourself though. This may seem silly but when my kids were little (I had 4 under the age of 5) I used to sit in the bathroom and flip through a ladies magazine at the end of the day. Honestly, it didn't make up for hanging out with friends or anything but it did provide a few minutes of escapism. Take care of yourself and have a good week.

melissa said:

It is going to take me a while before I notice a size change in myself as well. I'm 16 pounds down since Christmas and I don't LOOK any different to myself, but I can tell by the way my pants fit that there is a difference. You'll probably notice it there before anything else! :) Good job!

Laurie said:

13 pounds is fantastic! I love the visual you post about what that weight is equivalent too also. That definitely puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?

I hope you have a wonderful week!

~Lori~ said:

Dooood! 13lbs is awesome! Keep it up girl! You are doing something right!

CJ P said:

Just like everyone else, I too have noticed that keeping junk food out of the house helps tremendously, because I am by far too lazy to go to the store for just one item I'm craving at a given moment. I'm pretty sure it's the only time laziness has worked to my advantage.

Pamela M. Kramer said:

I would LOVE to be 13 pounds down. Congrats! You are completely entitled to an off week. It isn't like we all haven't had those from time to time. We are here for you! Kick abs this week.

Melanie said:

That's a great loss, wonderful! How are you doing it?

Colleen said:

oh it definitely helps not having junk food around and having those healthier options! Hope you stick with it being home more.

JustTracyB said:

Great job with your 13 pounds loss! That's something to be proud of.
You've seen first hand how to get by without junkfood at your friends house. now is the time to apply it to your own. I know you can do it. Just striking that out of your diet will add to those lost pounds!
Remember when you are having a tough time, I am just a tweet away!