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Mamavation Monday


Once again, I maintained! :) Nothing new to report on that home front! I'm happy about it, because I've done SO much this week and had party after party. I can't believe I haven't gained. ROCK ON! Andy has lost 15 lbs! So proud of him!

I got dressed up for a girl's night the other night with my gals! ----->

I was so proud to see my BFF, Mary, post that she's not dieting, she's undergoing a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! I just wanted to say that I am SO proud of Mary and her dedication and accomplishments. It's not easy with a few health problems (if you don't know she fell straight back and hit her head on a tile floor a while back and her head hasn't been right since.. no jabs.. this is literally! hehe), and she's doing SO well! VERY happy for her!

I'm also excited that my other BFF, Roxy, has decided to join us at MAMAVATION! Please follow her @chobysauce! She doesn't have a heck of a lot of time to tweet because she's a CEO, full time student, mom, and foster mom, but I'm going to keep her pumped up about it, and she's going to do GREAT! I'm super happy for her as well!

As you all know, my new favorite place to shop is the Katy Fresh Produce Market. It's a new farmer's market in old Katy and it is THE BOMB DIGGITY! We're SOOOO going to overeat today, and most of what we are going to (over)eat is from the produce market. It's so great to go out and get locally grown produce. Now, if they'd just barter and trade, it would be awesome!

This week is Kinder graduation as well as 5th grade graduation for Brax and Kylie. After this week, I we will be preparing to move, homeschool, and adjusting to a FULL life changing experience that will go along with these great adventures!

OK I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day! It's a beautiful day here in Katy, Texas! Have a SPECTACULAR ONE!!!

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bookieboo said:

Yeah for maintenance. For holidays, that is a great feet...trust me! XXOO

I'm excited to see some of your friend's posts. Haven't gotten an email from them saying they want to join, but as soon as they are ready I'll be looking out for them.

Rachel said:

Yay for being a recruiter! ;)

I need to check out that Katy market -- are they open throughout the week or only on Saturdays?

Trish said:

Love the undergoing a lifestyle change....THAT is awesome!

Great job on maintaining too...

Paige said:

I love that you are so excited for your next adventures. You made me smile very wide! Also love that you're enjoying the Farmer's Market. I am a FM junkie. And, of course, congratulations on embarking on your lifestyle change. I look forward to our journeys' intersect!

Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader said:

Happy Memorial Day - you look smokin' HAWT!

~Lori~ said:

WHOOP! You rock Lisa!

kia said:

It sounds like a lot of changes going on in your life. Congrats on the maintenance and having good friends around to support each other with on your journeys.

Momma On The Run said:

Congrats on your maintenance through a holiday that can be really hard!!

I added your friend on twitter I am new to bookieboo as well and, am pledging to be a mamavation sista!!

Can't wait to read your next post!

Stephen and Amanda O'Dair blog said:

There is nothing wrong with mantining on a nice long weekend like this! good job girl!

Colleen said:

good job at maintaining with all the food and drinks that went along with this past weekends holiday fun!