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Need a visual for 16 lbs? I lost it somewhere!

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2 Gallons of Water = approximately 16 lbs

Apparently, when you lose 15-16 lbs, it earns you the privy of high 5's all around! I just received my 5th high 5 for hitting 15/16 lbs lost! I feel like I'm invading the men's locker room after the big game! It's kinda neat, though, because it just makes me realize that it's an AWESOME accomplishment!

I got my EA Sports Active More Workouts that I won last week for being Mamavation's Sista of the Week! I'm excited to start the 6 week challenge with ol' Andyroo! We set up the profiles, and the batteries checked out on our Wiimotes, so we had to get more. Tonight will be the first night we'll be able to actually go in and check it out a little more! Thank you Mamavation and EA Sports Active for believing in me!! I feel.... distinguished! :)

Today, I had SO much fun with our new found technique for Avon's Customer Search!! There were 5 of us who went out, fully stocked with brochures, samples, trial sizes, business cards, etc. We had 2 big banners that read "FREE AVON" and two super cool hand held signs that said the same! We had SOOO many people come up and sign up to be our customers! I even APPOINTED someone as a new representative to my team - RIGHT THERE, on the spot! I put a ton of brochures on cars as well. Basically, we took turns getting info from people who walked up to us. We worked from about 11:30-1pm, took a lunch break, and worked again from about 2-4. I would be willing to bet that we got information from about 30 people, and handed out about the same amount of brochures to people who didn't want to leave their info. I will SOO be doing it again! Pictured to the right is my friend Leticia. We had a blast!

This weekend is going to be a busy one! The kids both have soccer games tomorrow, and then afterward, Andy and I, along with his 2 cousins and a friend of ours are going to the Great Taste of the Heights! I'm not sure what to expect, but I know we'll be eating good food! After that, I think we're going to go play Trivia at Dave & Busters! The kidlets will be at my parents' house, so we're going there on Sunday for my BIRTHDAY!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!! Drink plenty of water!

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