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Mamavation Monday

It was 1 year ago yesterday that I was admitted to the hospital due to rouge gallstones. I lived with severe gall bladder attacks for approximately 3.5 years, and it finally caught up to me. I went to the emergency room on a Thursday, June 10, 2009, because I literally felt as if I would die. Basically, they told me I had gall stones, loaded me up with Morphine, prescribed me with Percocet and Phenergan and sent me home. I was basically lifeless on Friday, and on Saturday, the 13th, Andy's sister (a nurse) persuaded me to go back to the ER. They found that I had a rather large gallstone lodged in my bile duct, and it was basically causing bile to back up and poison my body. On Monday, I had surgery to remove the stone, and on Tuesday, I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. Although I've never been a "small" person, for almost an entire year, I have eaten, eaten, and eaten more, using the excuse that I haven't been able to eat freely for almost 4 years. Easter 2010, I decided that enough was enough, and this is where our plight for health and weight loss began.

Ok that was my back story! Now, on to more current news.

We had a GREAT weekend with Andy's family, and Braxton had so much fun at his birthday party! We did the party at my Sister-in-law's house because they have one of those big blow up water slide/pool things. They had a blast, and it was just great to be around the family.

The good news is, I was able to get up on Saturday morning and walk 1.5 miles and jog .5 miles. On Sunday morning, I walked about 1.7 miles until the humidity was so thick, I decided that breathing was more important! (It's very hard to walk on streets that slant to clear out possible flood waters!)

It looks like we are just about 3 weeks out from moving into our new home. I'm so excited, and I've been extremely stressed over the logistics of the move that I just haven't been able to focus on myself the way I need to be.

I have approximately 20 package to get out by the end of this week, a TON of stuff to pack up in the house, and almost as much stuff to pack up to move The Cloth Diaper Foundation. To add to that, we are having a HUGE cloth diaper sidewalk sale at The Children's Carousel on Thursday, and I need to finish preparing for that.

Friday, Braxton and Kylie come hom from my mom's, and I'll need to get Kylie half way to San Antonio so that she can stay the week with my sister.

All of that said, I have decided NOT to weigh in today. I feel as if I've gained, and I'm not really sure I want the added stress of knowing if I have! I had my mom take my measurements yesterday, and although I didn't really like them, they are what they are! She's a professional seamstress, so these measurements are 100% accurate, and that is about 100% more accurate than if I would have taken them myself!

As of 6/13/2010
Bust - 49"
Ribs - 42"
Waist - 46"
Upper Hips - 51"
Lower Hips - 51"
Right Bicep - 17"
Left Bicep - 16"
Left Thigh - 30"
Left Calf - 18"
Right Thigh - 30"
Right Calf - 18"

I wish I'd have had her take these measurements at Easter when we started, but I just wasn't thinking, therefore, I will make this my official starting point! I have a LONG way to go! :)

Join us at Mamavation TV tonight for some inspiration from @MatthewTaub from Sensible FIttness in Toronto, Canada. Also, because @bookieboo will be taking the night off, our hostess will be @DanielleSmithTV, a retired broadcaster!

Our blogging carnival sponsor this week is Flatout Flatbread! I can't wait to try it! I'm going to try to go pick some up this week!

I am going to try to keep everyone updated on the events in my life this week!

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Oh, and FYI, I have officially decided to apply for Mamavation Mom.

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Mandi said:

I hate the humidity, so I understand that breathing is more important! Keep it up!

Roxy said:

And I'm rooting for ya every step of the way. I remember the day Andy calling me and telling me about the surgery. Hard to believe we've known each other for that long. I am so proud of the changes you're making!

I haven't decided about the application yet. Don't know what's holding me back. I'll see you tonight for Mamavation TV!

Trish said:

Yay on deciding to apply! Congrats on the positive changes you have made already!

~Lori~ said:

Im so damn excited that you are applying! You are doing wonderful Lisa! Love you!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said:

What a health scare! So glad you came through that, now it's time to focus on getting and staying healthy! It's one decision at a time, one day at a time. You can do it, Lisa!

Rachel said:

Ugh -- I hear you about the Humidity . . . I don't do ANYTHING outside anymore. Houston in the summer is NOT my friend.

YAY for applying to the bootcamp -- it is seriously the BEST choice ever.

Good luck!

Momma On The Run said:

Yay for your choice to apply to mamavation bootcamp! You can do this! You are such a great motivator to me on twitter so I'll def be there for you through this bootcamp! Hang in there and keep pushing through girl!

Katie aka Sailors Princess said:

Yay for deciding to go for the campaign, wishing you the best of luck. Ugh I hate humidity too, its be so horrible to walk around here lately.

Rachel said:

Yeah on deciding to apply!! How exciting! :) Ugh... humidity... so NOT fun! Yeah on running - .5 miles is a great start!! Espically with icky humid weather! :)

jamnsfld76 said:

I know what you mean about avoiding the scale, but slow and steady progress doesn't always show on the scale, sometimes it is just in knowing you feel better, are eating better making a conscious effort to be more active. Knowing that you are doing all that is enough sometimes. I am so excited about your upcoming move, you all need that so much. YAY!!

Alyssa said:

Excited that you are applying to be a Mamavation Mom - take it from me, it was my best decision. Le me know if you have any questions!

The Maniacal Matron said:

Good luck on applying for the next campaign!!! you can do it! I will support you. you are an awesome candidate.

Have a great week

Laurie said:

I had a single gallstone... and had to have mine removed too due to the SEVERE attacks. I know how it is...

Definitely routing for you for the next campaign! xoxo

kia said:

Congrats on the milestone from last year. Glad you have had a year of recovery. I know what it is like to eat again, I have food allergies that were supressed due to the pregnancy and I indulged on sugar and coffee during that time (now that I am no longer preggo I am back to reality). Good for you for getting your baseline with the measurements, it is another step in the right direction.

Farrah said:

Good for you and that .5 jog! I can barely jog half of that! (But I'm working towards it...) Good luck with the campaign. :-)

YouthfulTips said:

Wow! You are busy like me! I'm trying to prepare our house to put on the market for our next military move while the hubby is in Kuwait. I'm also planning a big birthday party but no diaper sales! Keep up the good work and the motivation :)


Kristine said:

Cheering you on!!!! My sis just had her gallbladder out after a few years living in pain. I feel for you. Also super interested in learning more about The Cloth Diaper Foundation, off to read about