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But I don't like waterlemon...

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Today has been a busy and OUT OF WHACK day all around, for me! I'm a creature of habit, to say the least.

Brax has a very loose tooth, and he won't let me pull it! He thinks he's going to starve, because he can't eat with a loose tooth! OH MY! My kidlet is growing up. Not fair - at all.

It was Hawk's first day back to "school" since last Thursday (he usually goes on Tuesday and Thursday, but he's been sick), and he wasn't too enthused to leave the house this morning. All turned out fine though, after he found out he'd get a "prize" if he used the potty!
After I dropped him off I ran....... well no, I didn't run, but I ran errands, which I'm not very fond of at getting out! I think most of my reservations of leaving the house lie in the anticipation of actually HAVING to go somewhere. I have anxiety like that, but I'm working on it!

It was good to see @gutimom for all of 30 seconds while I gave her some Avon Brochures to get her new business started! I can't wait to see how well she does! I'm anxious to see if she'll actually have C-man help her hand them out!
From them, I ran by the office, and did a few things, and then came back to the house. Our nonprofit is having a big fundraiser on April 22, and I had to set up the listings for our auction. That took a while! I haven't done it in so long, I was fumble-fingered! It was great, though because I met a new friend, @mentallyinked, through Mamavation (I haven't even been approved yet, haha! more about it when I am, though!), and she had some "Vampy Music" as her Monday Music post on her blog. I jammed to that while I was working!

Check out our "tentative line up" for our fundraiser!
You know, I heard a rumor that there is going to be something auctioned off that's autographed by a celebrity! You may want to bookmark the site to find out what it is!

Then, the much awaited must-sign-for-because-its-insured-like-that package from my parents arrived (it had Kylie's DS charger in it as my mom's Avon payment and some other stuff), so I was again free to leave the house and run more errands before I picked up Hawk.

We have Girl Scouts tonight, and I've got to get some stuff together for it, so I picked up some already prepared, but not cooked, chicken from the store. It looks pretty good. "Italian Herb & Cheese Seasoned" was hand written on the front of it. Smells divine!

I also picked up some zucchini, yellow squash, salad, sugar free strawberry Jello mix, and a thing of light whipped topping.

Ya know, I figured that we've eaten fried and fast for so long, that we're just going to take baby steps to eating healthier - one day at a time. No sodas, no fried foods, exercise, and lots of water is what I'm aiming for! I really think that will change a LOT about our everyday living!


I had to run to the grocery store, after I picked up Hawk, and while we were there, he really wanted some gum. He's been doing good on the potty, so I let him pick a pack. He chose watermelon, and we went on about our business. I gave him a piece for the ride home, and halfway home (all of 2 minutes), he wanted to spit it out the window. When we got home, he said:
But I don't like water-lemon gum. It's not good.
I looked at the package, and sure enough, my eyes read exactly what he said.
Think water-lemon while you're reading that!

(ETA - as I posted this, I was approved for Mamavation!)

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Kim said:

Welcome again! & thank you for the shout out! Great, now I'm going to start reading watermelon wrong...like I need another word!
; )

Lori said:

Im giving my friends tonight some catalogs and goodies..hope they buy something! LOL Then I will make bags and have C-man put them on doors! Hopefully I wont get in trouble for Child Labor!

melissa said:

My cousin Amy called it "waterlemon" when she was little. So cute. :D

Rachel said:

WELCOME to Mamavation!

I didn't realize you were in the Houston area! So am I -- in fact, @gutimom and I just realized this week that we're both in the same area. :=)