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Need some Mamavation!!??

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One of the best things to have on ones endeavor to attain a healthier lifestyle is simply - support.

Watch Lives Change

Lori, or @gutimom to most, introduced me to this WONDERFUL group of women that are all apart of a support system called Mamavation! Talk about constant motivation to eat healthier, exercise, and, of course, chugga ton of water, daily! If you're looking for a great support system, I highly recommend you check it out! You can find any of the "Sistahood" at any given time under the hashtag #mamavation on Twitter.

Today, after taking Hawk to Jenn's, I got a wild hair to do a little yard work! Apparently, this yard hasn't been 'tended to' since it was first landscaped, many moons ago (at least 8 years?)!

We pay someone to do the lawn, however, they mow and weed eat, so that doesn't include weeding the beds, and all that good junk. I should have taken before pics! I pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled weeds and then I pulled and pulled and pulled grass runners and sprigs. There was grass in places grass should never be! I pulled up some of the landscaping rocks, as well so that I can just flat out redo it!

Doesn't look like a lot of work, but those things were completely buried in grass and dirt. Like COMPLETELY cover.

I tried to incorporate a workout in with yard work! I turned the laptop to Cindy Lauper Radio on Pandora, and now, I'm feeling it all over!

Tonight, on the menu is beef fajitas! We're going to skip all of the additional 'fixin's' and stick with the meat, bell pepper, and onions. We've done really good all week. We haven't eaten out, we've not had any sodas, no cake or cookies, no candy, nothing really FAT worthy, so this will be a great treat! It's been tough going "cold turkey" on cutting out all of the junk in our lives - especially with 14 CASES of left over Girl Scout cookies in my back room. You have NO idea how many times I've wanted to bust into them, but I know I'm not hurting anyone but myself!

(Yay, as I posted this, I got another Avon Representative Lead! More for my downline!)

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Lori said:

Yardwork totally counts as a workout! I hope to do some tomorrow!

Girl scout cookies are bad! ;)