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Glazewear Lip Gloss $1.99 and Brandy's Battle

Glazewear Lip Gloss - $1.99

Save 66% PLUS a chance to win a NEW CAR!

For every Glazewear Lip Gloss you purchase, you will receive one mail-in entry form! (Entry form will automatically be added to your bag.)

The good news is, I have the lip gloss ON HAND*, so all you have to do is let me know what shade you'd like, and I can get it to you asap!
*Please note that due to the awesome sale, these are selling out fast. First come first served!
If you are not local, PLEASE PLEASE consider buying up a TON of Glazewear, or any other products that you see that you just can't live without, via my website - for a GREAT CAUSE! (If you purchase Glazewear, you will receive a mail in form for a chance to win a new car!)

This month, I'm asking that when you purchase through my website, that you do so via my "online events" link for Brandy's Battle! I will be donating 50% of sales directly to Brandy! (Please note that this is the largest percentage that I am allowed to donate as it is Avon's cap for fundraisers.)


Brandy is a sweet friend of mine and the mamas at Mamavation.com. Last week, Brandy had a mass the size of a basketball removed from her abdomen. She is awaiting the pathology reports for further info on the mass, better known as "Spike". In the photo to the right, Brandy is NOT pregnant. That is a photo of Spike in her belly!

For more information and to keep up with Brandy's Battle, please feel free to follow her story at the following places!

Twitter - @stitchblade
Facebook - notsoaveragemama
Website - Not So Average Mama

Thank you for helping out such a wonderful loving mother and friend!

I hope you all have a FABULOUS WEEK!

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Not So Average Mama said:

Thank you! I had no idea you even had a blog!!!!!!! You are AWESOME!